Benefits of changing from wood to aluminium


Today I was at a clients house to repair a Frameless Glass Stacking door and I noticed that the clients wooden windows and doors were in a bad state.  While my team was doing the repair, I asked the client if her wooden doors and windows were giving her any problems. She said that none of the doors were opening besides the entrance door and that most of her windows are getting stuck, when opening. Just as I thought!

There is definitely an increase in clients having this problem in Johannesburg. Could it be our drastic change in weather? Climate change?


With the cost of wooden windows being expensive, my recommendation to clients is to switch to aluminium rather than spending money on maintaining wooden windows.


These are three advantages of changing from wood to aluminium:

1. Affordability

Aluminium is one of the cheaper options for new windows when compared to wood.

2. Durability

Aluminium is more durable than wood. Wood is more likely to be affected by water moisture and other issues arising from the exterior of a home.

3. Maintenance:

Aluminum windows are very easy to maintain. They are sold in a number of different colors and styles. If you invest in an anodized or powder coated finish you’ll never have to repaint it.

In conclusion, aluminum is hassle-free if compared to wood.

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