The cheapest quote is not always the best deal

Have you ever found yourself spending twice your budgeted amount because you chose the cheapest contractor? In addition to the financial loss, your project was also not completed on time? What was a dream became your worst nightmare!

We receive numerous calls from upset clients who have found themselves in this position, they call us to fix other contractors mistakes. We usually find that the mistakes are irreparable due to the contractors workmanship being too poor. As a result, we quote to redo the project and this is a huge setback for the customer.

Tips to help you to find the right contractor:

1) Do not always choose the cheapest contractor – choose the contractor with the most impeccable reputation. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to find quality services.

2) Do not rush the process – Start looking for the best contractor early, so that you can make an informed decision based on facts.

3) Talk to several contractors – The reality is there are probably more than enough reliable contractors in your area to choose from, get a feel of which reliable contractor will work best with you.

4) Ask for references – A reliable contractor should be able to provide you with a solid list of references. Photos of old or current jobs are not enough. Make sure to call the references provided by the contractor to ensure that they can achieve your project requirements with ease.

5) Ask the right questions – Do you value a contractor with guarantees, after sales service, quality product, quality workmanship – all this comes at a cost. Make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure you choose the best contractor for your job.

I trust that the above will be of value to you and I wish you well on your journey to finding the best contractor for your project !!!

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